I live in the PHILIPPINES, not the bubble that is Imperial Manila

Many are saying that Duterte is destroying the country, causing destruction to the Philippines,  destabilizing his own government. Most of them are the rich people in Manila protected by the bubble of their own self-existence and craves for a status quo.

After all, Duterte has caused them only discomfort. Gone are the days when most of them can get away with anything. If you live in the bubble of Metro Manila and you are affluent, everything is just a phone call away. Chances are, you know someone who knows someone and you just let money talk. Believe me, I know it. The rich can no longer party with the choice of ecstacy fit for the happening because it is no longer easy to find. The opulent can no longer do business banking only on connections and befriending politicians. The oligarchs can no longer oppress with the same precision it was used to.

So I get it. You hate him.

Many of you, the opportunists that you are, just made the grave mistake of supporting the wrong candidate in the last elections. Those who have made their bed, had their inclinations so obvious and with no means to snake your way to the good graces of the government are forced to hate him. Those who  are not as obvious, either become fake believers or silent haters.

Why do I know this?

Well, I work with you. Sleep with you. Eat with you and at some point, breathe the same filthy air with you. You justify corruption, immorality, oppression because you benefit from the people doing it but will be the same self-righteous pricks to shout against it if you feel others are doing it. And the double standard sickens me.

The rich do not feel the gains of this administration because to the bubble of Metro Manila, it is all discomfort. They will not feel the  drop in criminality kasi walang snatcher sa Forbes Park. They will not feel efficient governance kasi may pumipila sa kanila para kumuha ng lisensya sa LTO. They will not feel the good effects of lowered corruption kasi kahit nung una, priority sila sa infrastructure. They will not notice how ordinary citizens feel special because they are now the ones who are taken in the same genus as ordinary citizens.

But to ordinary Filipinos, this is something new.  And they are the majority. Ordinary citizens who cannot afford to control a media company, influence people, create powerful organizations or lobby to hate.  But we can feel their pulse. They are no longer buying all the information you were once feeding them. So you hate Duterte even more. He just took away your minions, the same ones who believed Tetay are the same ones following Mocha.

And you hate me too. You think I am just like all of you but why am I singing a different tune.

Because unlike you, I live in the Philippines not Metro Manila.

Bruce Villafuerte Rivera as posted on Facebook.


  1. Aptly said. No better way to describe their discomfort! Woe on you.

  2. Like how the Republicans will take back the US government from the Washington bureaucrats, Duterte would do the same from the Yellow oligarchs and Manila bureaucrats, now that federalism is more of a reality these days.


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