Anti-Marcos 'activist' Alan Robles on the late Ronnie Nathanielsz

This is a rant by Alan Robles aimed at Ronnie Nathanielsz. How can someone be so heartless to say this to someone at the time his family and friends were mourning his passing away?

[Editor's note: Click here to see original post from which above screen cap was taken.]

Antonio Contreras as posted on Facebook.


  1. For the record, he called me "beanpole" when we were high school freshmen. My personal vocabulary hadn't gone past "A" yet so when I got home I grabbed the heavy Oxford on may dad's table. Next day, I reported to him what "beanpole" meant and he just laughed at me for 5 straight minutes. We had the same body type but I was much taller. Hard putting one over a certified brainiac. A swell guy though.


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