Leila De Lima's "frailties as a woman" fails to impress cynical Filipino public

Reported by the Philippine Star on the 6th October 2016...

De Lima said she only has a friendly relationship with him, but refused to elaborate on the matter.

And now as reported on ABS-CBN News...

Senator Leila de Lima has confirmed the long-running rumor that she was once in a romantic relationship with her former driver, Ronnie Dayan. 
Asked why she fell in love with a driver like Dayan given her status, De Lima said in an interview with Winnie Monsod, which aired Monday night on GMA, that it was part of her “frailties as a woman.”

The same ABS-CBN News report, however, noted that "Up until her admission, De Lima had never denied that she had a relationship with Dayan..."


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