Ferdinand E. Marcos can finally Rest in Peace

I'm glad for the Marcoses. Finally they can lay their beloved father to rest.  People don't consider what they have suffered for more than 30 years.  That's because the Marcoses don't whine or complain about all the ways they have been demonized or excluded or attacked by the Yellows.  And the attacks against them have been so very fierce.

The Yellows blame Marcos for Martial Law tortures and killings when the POLICY that he espoused was not the same as what was wrought, as what was executed by his Secretary of Defense and his generals. I agree Marcos overstayed his welcome.  But Marcos was right to proclaim Martial Law. If he did not, the nation might have been another Vietnam, and we'd still be deep in the poverty and slavery of communism.

He may not be a hero but for a good long season he did a lot of good for the nation.  Ironically, the very people who demonize him reap the benefits of his work every day.  Many of us who lived in that era experienced a very happy, peaceful and beautiful time.  We were there to experience the care and nurture of Philippine Culture and Art by Imelda. Many of the most acclaimed artists of our time like Cecile Licad and Rowena Arrieta were supported and nurtured by Imelda.  Under her aegis, the Philippine High School for the Arts was established.  So many artists benefited from studying or going through workshops in that stunning place of nature.  I was one of them. So many artists to this day benefit from the various facilities where theatre and other performing arts may be staged.   Many of these same artists vilify the Marcoses even as they use the very facilities  built for their benefit.  We were there before institutions like the Luneta and the National Parks were left to disrepair.  Indeed they were absolute treasures, with spectacular design and beauty, impeccably maintained and among the best in Asia, and the world. As a young child, I experienced the National Parks as magical places of wonder and happiness.  After EDSA, these places deteriorated and mostly left to rot.  They would never be the same again.

Marcos may not have been a hero, but he was not a demon.  He did not have Ninoy killed.  Marcos had helped save Ninoy's life by making sure his fraternity brother got proper medical attention in the US.   He was not the mastermind of the EJKs.  He was not a monster.  He was a sinner, perhaps a very bad one, but how does that make him vastly different from anyone of us?  He was a devoted husband and a loving father to his children.  I believe that he loved his nation. He was the President of the Republic of the Philippines..  He was a human being.  May he rest in peace.

Victoria V. Ferro as posted on Facebook.


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