Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Environmental #activism fail: The hypocrisy of #Baguio's anti-SM advocates!

Within the 3 years that SM planned the expansion, it seems that the only thing that Baguio's so-called "environmentalists" latched onto was the SM plan itself.

At almost the same time that they were protesting this in 2012, 1000 trees were being cut at the San Luis subdivision across town; none of the protesters did anything.

Only one person stood up for the 1000 trees cut at Mount Sto. Tomas, and she isn't even an environmentalist.

The ultimate hypocrisy here was that when a certain blockbuster movie was being premiered at SM Baguio Cinema, many of the movement's most vocal leaders sneaked in and watched it there.

In the end, these "environmentalists" can't even be consistent with their advocacy (and it shows in the Court of Appeals decision).

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  1. just like that pinoy in australia, b. i.


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