EVERY #FILIPINO is responsible for the on-going destruction of #Baguio City

GOSHENLAND has vast property in IRISAN called BLUERIDGE MOUNTAINS with thousands of pine trees in danger of giving way for housing development. MOUNT JUMBO TRAIL in LA TRINIDAD used to be our playground in BENGUET until it was bought by Goshenland and burned all the pine seedlings and shrubs in the area.

ANYA NGAY AR ARAMIDEN YO NGA ENVIRONMENTALISTS? Where were you when hundreds of pine trees were cut for the construction of MOLDEX RESIDENCES along MARCOS HIGHWAY?

….A new subdivision development has started along BENIN ROAD, IRISAN and many trees fell to give way for road and residential development in the area.. NGANGA PA RIN BA? Another condominium on the rise owned by Manny Villar called OUTLOOK RIDGE RESIDENCES in Mines View cut several trees too…and AGAIN another wooded area in MINES VIEW is on the brink of extinction for the construction of MEGAWORLD's condominium project called 88 GIBRALTAR, a vast complex of exclusive housing towers.

GET REAL PEOPLE!!!! BE IN THE KNOW! hindi ung salita lang ng salita! protesta lang ng protesta!

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