An ethic of mutual respect is where true change in the #Philippines must begin

How does one change things for the better? I think to start with, one needs a realistic assessment of what the problem is, how it can be changed for the better, and who are what is standing in the way of the improvement being made.

Workers and community members can organize. Together, they have more power to advocate for change; than they would have alone.

But even before that step; people need to be educated in regards to basic civility.

"It is morally binding on everyone to act is such a way that the people immediately around them are not adversely affected."

It seems as if the party people and fun seekers rule most neighborhoods. Every night is a birthday, wedding, funeral, fiesta, etc. Loud karaoke music and fireworks blast until 4 or 5 o'clock in the morning; almost every day of the week.
The workers who must sleep in order to go to their jobs the next day, cannot. This is something that can be addressed by local people in their own neighborhood. We have to move from a society where anything goes, to a civil society of mutual respect. That would be one simple way of changing things for the better.

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