Why did the #DongYanWedding need 8 officiating #Catholic priests??

The wedding had more than 8 officiating priests. Lol. Palaksan system. In a normal wedding, rich or poor, you barely see more than one priest. Was that even necessary?

Why close the roads for one wedding? Was that necessary?

There were just too many unnecessary elements that made the wedding off. I felt like they were shooting a movie. In fact, I liked the Sotto-Hermosa wedding even better.

Plus, it's sending a wrong message to the youth. It's okay to spend $$$$ for a lavish wedding, just for one day, BECAUSE it's their hard earned money. BS. Hirap sating mga pinoy ang yayabang natin.

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  1. The "Bakla" culture. You know what I am saying.

  2. it is called concelebrated wedding mass...done also during funerals...& its not pagyayabang...an ordinary situation w/c can be done upon request...

  3. That's the word. YABANG. Author/GRP we have exactly the same thoughts regarding this crap. And then, the fanatics will cyber bully those who hated the "show"....

  4. wtf, if the wedding is getting media mileage, etc.. SAME WITH GRP. it's a clickbaiting for ads like asian dating (scroll down). hypocritical)


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