#Poverty and #hunger not strong enough motivators for #Filipinos to change

The article [on the seemingly outrageous extravagance of the DongYan wedding] drives a point on extravagance in the face of poverty and serving public servants as opposed to public servants serving the public. The other problem is that we have become so used to how things are for example poverty, bribery (sponsorship) and celebrity mentality just to name a few, that it is accepted and we don't know the difference. The people will just have to suck it and go about their business of finding the next meal while there is somebody out there spending spending million for wedding and closing up a major thoroughfare for his convenience at the expense of the public.

The gap between poverty and the rich is so big and the rich have no sense of sensitivity for the poor. No, a 35,000 peso pair of shoes may not be extravagant to somebody or to maybe 50% of Filipinos but it is extravagant to the person next to you who can only afford a pair of tsinelas, that is if you tell him how much your shoes cost. Yes, a 2 million peso dress is extravagant to 99.99% of Filipinos.

When will our mentality change? Seems like poverty and hunger are powerful motivators for change but for us it is barely making a difference. Our Filipino mentality is a screwed up mentality and what we are seeing and how we are reacting are just the sings of how screwed up it is. The sad thing is we may never be able to change and we are getting left behind.

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