#Filipinos' hate for thieving politicians not compatible with reverence for #DongYanWedding

I am appalled by the senseless extravagance of this wedding. I feel like vomiting seeing the president and the bishops flashing stupid smiles next to the "royal" Pinoy couple. But I am also equally stupefied at the general consensus of the commenters in most blog posts. Really?? "It's their money so they can burn it any way they want"… in the Philippines, a country that tries so hard to look pretty yet is considered as poor as Haiti?

This DongYan (the name sounds as absurd as they seem) had a great opportunity to be good examples and even benefactors to the poor Filipino public that adores them, and yet they chose to indulge themselves in the most ridiculously hedonistic ways possible. Exactly what kind of twisted values did they want to send out to the rest of the nation? Money is no object when it comes to true love? It's fantastic, delusional, telenovela histrionics! Did they forget they were public figures?

If this is an accurate reflection of what the Filipino truly values, it's no wonder that the politicians and their ostentatious displays of wealth, are so easily tolerated. From a distance these politicians are hated, but at closer range I think some of the grandiosity is transferred from the oppressor to the oppressed and the association by proximity fuels the narcissism on both ends. The despised suddenly become idols! Now blinded, they will gladly shake the politicians' hands and ask to take pictures, with the alligators carrying their babies no less… when what they should be doing is cursing at them and throwing tomatoes in their face! And this kind of wedding perpetuates that kind of thinking.

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  1. I'm not sure I agree with any of this, I've just watched a few videos and yes there are some nice decorations for the wedding reception, the massive cake was donated by goldilocks and later shared with the people, it's not like they built the church for the wedding nor is it like the decorations were made for the occasion then destroyed. What extravagance precisely are you on about?


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