Armed #Moro groups and their leaders in #Mindanao simply cannot be trusted #Bangsamoro

We're in this mess because of the Jabidah massacre and the Tripoli Agreement - those were FM's doing.

FVR treated the insurgents with kid gloves during his tenure.

GMA kept the MOA-AD (establishing the Bangsamoro Juridical Entity) under wraps. When the public filed petitions to nullify the it, all hell broke loose. The MILF, under commanders Kato & Bravo, razed non-Muslim communities to the ground, killing villagers one after the other. The SC eventually declared the MOA-AD unconstitutional.This was in 2008.

Only Erap had the gumption to declare an 'all-out-war' against the MILF. His war campaign in 2000 rendered the MILF powerless with Camp Abubakar, the insurgents' main stronghold, falling into government hands.

Back to present. Under the current administration, stakeholders have been continuously consulted throughout the peace talks, and GRP-MILF negotiations remained transparent. That much the PNoy administration can brag. Yet despite government's best efforts the MILF simply cannot be trusted to keep their end of the bargain. That's all there is to it.

BIFF and MILF: one dog donning two different collars.

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