#Bangsamoro Basic Law (#BBL) is a product of stupid & crooked politicians and should be junked #NasaanAngPangulo

The more now I can't buy into two reasons now being forwarded to support the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL): (a) that we should not allow so much work go to waste, and (b) that we could find ourselves back to the dangerous square one if it is junked.

I don't know about the hard work behind BBL simply because the principal proponent, PNoy, comes across as averse to any kind of work ethic. He is in his position by some glitch in history. And, BBL itself comes across as just a rehash of what Gloria was pushing that SC has already rendered as unconstitutional. Talking of hard work, I believe it was former US Amb Kristie Kenny who went back and forth between Manila and Mindanao so many times and who pressured Gloria for that peace agreement. If Gloria was pressured to get behind something unconstitutional, just imagine how much easy it is to prod a spoiled brat who hates the very being of Gloria and yet hired the same people that Gloria had in working that junked agreement.

What is bothersome about BBL is that it is advocating a two-nation solution to the Mindanao problem, though that may still be shrouded by technicalities and by putting as many words as possible in a document. It also gives us a hint on how ruthless US can be in order to remain a Pacific power. A split Philippines will allow them to have Mindanao if Luzon is too much of a Leftists, or Luzon if Mindanao is too hot to handle, at any future time or situation.

No, I am not trashing the US; geopolitics is always a ruthless game, and US has to do what it has to do to be in the game. It is us that should trash our sentimental mentality. We keep ourselves ignorant of geopolitics, and we can't even start knowing it by still spouting the ancient Marxist line of US imperialism. China and Russia themselves have areas of cooperations with the US and areas where they strongly agree to differ. On the other hand, we don't know who we are beyond our parochial interest, so we don't know our geopolitical interests.

But if we keep voting people like PNoy, that is definitely not playing geopolitics; indeed, it may be geo-disintegration as what BBL is. (My gosh, PNoy knows that his only qualification is that he ran and won. Recall that he said that we should run for that office first before we criticize him. No, Your Excellency in Stupidity, we can't run for that office because we know we are unqualified, and so are you. We don't have the courage of a fool as you do, and now that you have the blood in your hands of 50 heroic SAF operatives in the service of your self inflicted naivetè, please live with it. For rightly so now, you can be called a freakin bastard in all its derogatory meaning as you have proven to be a disgrace to your father and mother.) We have people today in power who don't care at all whether 50, 100, or a thousand SAF die.


It is no longer possible that our Congress allows the passage of BBL. If our legislators stll love this country, they should see by now that this is not about a love of peace, but a love of a piece of paper of which actual peace may be incidental, or not. In Luneta, a slogan was inaugurated: "kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap". The Supreme Court rendered their decisions on PDAF and DAP, and the decision busted the slogan; it had nothing to do with corruption, it had nothing to do with mahiraps. It had something to do with love of slogans. Look at "It's more fun in the Philippines", it is meant to have a double meaning.

A few weeks after the slogan was pronounced, Chinese were murdered in Luneta. PNoy didn't show up for more than 24 hours. When he showed up, he never acknowledged that he was in a nearby Chinese restaurant ready to accept accolade if the hostage rescue operation was succesful. It turned out a failed operation and yet his very late response was counter-intuitive to an inquiring public who are generally intuitive. But, a response having been made, how dare the media still asked him about chain of command, accountability and responsibility, when they should be focusing their blame on the crazy who killed the hostages. In the end, we had to suffer the backlash of Hong Kong, and it is probably why China has no respect for the legal proceeding we asked for in an international court with regards to Spratley — why not, …get focused and blame a crazy …must be in their mind. That is geopolitics for you, PHL style.

A week after PNoy told the local Church that being kalbo is not a mortal sin, in front of Pope Francis who came for Mercy and Compassion, as well as accountability and responsibiity, 50 SAF operatives were massacred in Mamasapano. Again, PNoy didn't show up for more than 24 hours. When he showed up, not only did he not apologize for a very, very late response, he did not refute he was in nearby Zamboanga on standby ready to accept accolade in the eventuality of a successful arrest operation of an international terrorist. Not only did he not explain why it was a totally disastrous operation, he started lecturing an angry public about mis-encounter, actionable intelligence, chain of command, and other gobblydegook. Fine, if we learned something from the untimely lecture, but again it was repulsive to any normal intution. And yet, because of BBL we cared to listen for all we just waited for is that he condemn the killers of our 50 SAF heroes, or demand in the strongest possible term that MILF show some sincerity. He didn't do that. And yet, he demands public support for BBL? I want him to do that one on one, face to face, with every grieving widow and with all the orphans of the 50 dead operatives. If he gets a nod from these families then let us push for BBL. If not, then it is time for him to jump into the Manila Bay, and I will be the first to declare him a hero if he does.

BBL is not related to a simple Luneta hostage crisis, it's about armed groups that have more than enough held the entire country hostage. If PNoy thinks he can dazzle everyone with his staccato Tagalog that is more meant to be romantically confused than precise which English is, he has succeeded in showing that his shortcomings of presidential proportions are just about home nòw to roost. You can't out-dazzle MILF, MNLF, BIFF, Abu Sayaf, Islamahiya, or ISIS –Taquiyya is genetically encoded in their genes, and we have to be forewarned that lying to infidels is a virtue to them. Can we not see that when they negotiate peace, they also make us aware that there is a "break-away" group that will not agree to any outcome of negotiation? It is a pattern, it is taqiyya at work, and we ignore it. And PNoy, wittingly or unwittingly, demonstrates that BBL is a product of disparate negotiators. One party is an expert in brinkmanship; the other, in circus ringmanship. One party knows how to negotiate peace by holding a loaded M-16 under the table and 45 cal above the table while talking; the other, by holding his penis under the table so he does not pee in his pants and showing PDAF and DAP above the table while talking. One party has a vision of half of Mindanao already indepependent from Philippines as a starting point; the other a vision of a piece of paper that may or may not result in actual peace. One party is about a cause; the other, about a king-size vanity.

Am I part of a group they claim is out to sabotage the BBL? I am not, repeat, I am not. BBL has sabotaged itself from the starting line; just watch, though I hope I am proven wrong. We don't need BBL, as of now, we need LBB – Let's Be Brave — by being discerning.

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  1. It's now too late to repent or regret but such a tragic incident could have had been prevented and many lives could have been spared from the unfortunate killing of young and brave men. My most profound sympathy and condolence to the families and loved ones of the victims. May they rest in peace.
    If Spain and the U.S., in spite of their superiority in men and arms, never succeeded to integrate the Muslim population of Mindanao during their occupation, how could it be possible for the Philippines to win against them? Eventually, there will always be tension and conflict between the separatists and the authorities until they obtain their independence.
    Just look at the case of Sabah, which should have been part of the Philippines as a heritage of the Sultan of Sulu but through the wish of the Sabahans chose to join the Malaysian Federation in 1963 instead of the Philippines. In the course of its history, it has never known any internal conflicts ever since except in 2013 when Sultan Kiram III staged a standoff to make a claim on Sabah that only ended tragically to the death of a number of his followers and the locals.
    Taking into account that there had never been any massacre in Sabah, why not grant the Muslims of Bangsamoro the right to self-government so that unnecessary killings in the future would cease completely?
    "The 2013 Lahad Datu standoff was a military conflict standoff that started on 11 February 2013 and ended on 24 March 2013, it arose after 235 militants, some of whom were armed, arrived by boats in Lahad Datu, Sabah, Malaysia from Simunul island, Tawi-Tawi in the southern Philippines on 11 February 2013. The group, calling themselves the "Royal Security Forces of the Sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo", was sent by Jamalul Kiram III, one of the claimants to the throne of the Sultanate of Sulu. Kiram stated that their objective was to assert the unresolved territorial claim of the Philippines to eastern Sabah (the former North Borneo). Malaysian security forces surrounded the village of Tanduo in Lahad Datu where the group had gathered and after several weeks of negotiations and broken deadlines for the intruders to withdraw, security forces moved in and routed the Sulu militants."

    1. LOL. Dont compare the US and Spain era, we are simply colonies back then. Why waste resources battling in the southern part, where you can just integrate them




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