#PNoy whining to #PopeFrancisPH about #Philippines' problems only makes his own govt look bad

We are here talking of people at the highest level who already hear sad stories from their staff and lower levels in their day to day activities. P-Noy can't be of the lower level since he, as the Pope, heads a sovereign state. (1) So a situational analysis already brings down the quality of the meeting. He was like a spoiled brat complaining: "Daddy, they hurt me — huhuhu, see I'm crying" What message did he deliver? IMPLICITLY, I (repeat, I) have a problem..even IF he WANTED to EXPLICITLY express WE have a probem.

(2) At that level, policies, principles or doctrines are what should be discussed. NOT situations. STRATEGIES, NOT TACTICS!!! Did he do that? No.. a big freaking NO. Why? Because he has NONE. Please give me a policy statement, a declaration of principle, that is attributable to him. …..Well, he could have had one if he supported his slogan: Kung Walang Corrupt, Walang Mahirap. But, a slogan will remain a slogan and cannot develop into a principle or doctrine if it is not backed up by organization, policies and control, plus the infrastructure that would support the same. We know he has not done this because (1) everyone complains of his selective justice; (2) a good many are afraid of Binay because nothing has been done to solidify the slogan into an unshakeable legacy. So, what message did he deliver? Implicitly, he takes everybody for a fool. Why? Because he is the son of heroes, Ninoy and Cory, he thinks he is entitled to that position. So, he must be a fool; that is why he thinks everybody is a fool. ….a slogan that remains a slogan in the long run leaves a bad taste in the mouth. With DAP and PDAF, that slogan became a betrayal — he has stabbed the country in the back.

(3) And because he still insist that he has done something spectacular in spite of the foregoing, he is a narcississsssttt of the spectacular kind, and narcissism blinds, and it blinds absolutelty. Why? Because he can only see himself, he does not see others, which brings us back to the beginning — his mind could only appreciate situations, which was specifically his speech. SITUATIONAL. If he was in a multinational corp, he would have been given his walking paper a long time ago — he has the mentality of a lowly supervisor, not a CEO. And, that is the insult we are being inflicted day in and day out.

And, you think the foreign media didn't pick that up? You can bet your last peso they did. ….NAKAKAHIYA TAYO.

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  1. Wow, PNoy still continue/remain to be Vindictive, and always blame throw (GMA or Marcos). Again, it show our President still has not learn/matured/grown in the first 5 years of his term which up to now has no clear direction & still derailed.
    Why can't PNoy take an open minded approach to the challenges a President face that he need to succumb to the temptation to scapegoat and blame throwing again and again....
    How do people expect our President to be trusted in solving our problems when he normally waste time and effort on dysfunctional finger pointing.
    PNoy's way to gain public support & acceptance will always capitalize on failures or bad mouthing his predecessors and merely Ride on the Legacy of parents that our people feel obligated to give him an equal level of endearment.


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