Celebrity culture in #Philippines blinding #Filipinos to life's realities #DongYanWedding

People wake up! Open your eyes. Stop defending celebrities who act like they are one with the masses. They are NOT. These foolish masses believe that their idols are just like them simply because they talk like them or portray tv or movie roles depicting them. You need to draw the line. There is a difference between enjoying the fruits of your labor by having a beautiful fairy tale wedding and being obnoxious. That wedding is ridiculous in a country that is hit left and right by typhoon and other calamities. It was undoubtedly done in poor taste.

If you find yourself defending Marian and Dingdong. Then, you are a fool my friend. You are the biggest fool. I still wish the newlyweds all the best because after all , I do not believe in talangka mentality. I want everyone to prosper. When I mean everyone, I truly mean everyone not just the elite few and not just these celebrities that you all clearly and blindly idolize but also you the masses. I wish you all Filipinos prosperity, peace and light. May you stop being blind and start seeing the truth. May you know when you are being fooled, used and brainwashed. May you stop using this wedding as a so called distraction for your hard difficult life.

You do not need a distraction from your hard life. What you need is action! May you find the courage to stand up and demand what is right and just. Do not settle for watching other people live a good life. You deserve it too. Every Filipino deserves a good life including the foolish masses but you will never achieve it unless you continue to idolize these celebrities.

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  1. "Why is everybody so serious?

    It's not about the money, money, money
    We just wanna make the world dance
    Forget about the price tag"
    by Jessie J - Price Tag

    If it’s not about the money – what is it about?

    1. To make money circulate, create financial or economic acitivity and provide work or employment to many.

    2. Strive for Excellence - couple are focused/driven to stage the highest standards or best wedding ever and strive to achieve the most memorable experience, then money matters less.

    3. It's about sending a message - both may run for political positions even though they do not have experience & knowledge when it comes to politics. This is the sad reality in Philippine society who choose Showbiz or Sport celebrities instead of choosing competent leaders.

  2. move on!!!2015 is here, stop crab mentality!!1

  3. I respected the point of you author...i just wondering why u have this kind of feeling to the newly wed? U must not judge them coz they wedding goes like this popular and extraordinary! they planned and dream on it long before! we don't have the right to judge them like u did and say here for having their expansive wedding in time of typhoon in the other side of the country. "Ang pagtulong ay nasa puso hindi ung nakikisakay ka lng sa pagkakataon para marecognize ka na matulungin at makita ng iba na ikaw ay my mabuting loob", I rather appreciate them for this, coz after their event they will give their hand to help, mas totoo silang tao para sa akin...they are not hypocrites! think of yourself b4 you judge them! or baka INGGIT na lng yan at INSECURITY! Happy new year!

  4. I always fantasize about the celebrity's world, britney spears naked has always fascinated me. I don't want to be famous or anything like that, I am just interested in the concepts involved.

  5. What is your problem Benigno? Just because the Philippines has been hit by typhoons and calamities, this couple should not be allowed to enjoy their wedding plans? Did they spend taxpayers' money? Are they corrupt politicians like the pork barrel scandal? Seems like you want Marianne and Dingdong to shoulder the responsibilities of the Philippine government elected officials to solve your so called "poorness" in the Philippines. Just because of the calamities in the Philippines, this couple is not allowed to spend for their wedding? Heck they can spend all they want, it's their money who cares as long as they don't kill anybody or steal the money they spent let them enjoy their day. Sarcastically speaking your critique is cheap. Why don't you throw your punches to the elected corrupt officials of the Philippines? It might really be worthwhile reading and maybe you can help to the "poorness" in the Philippines.

  6. I totally disagree with you. Following these two inspires me. I even share to the younger generations to study and work even harder. Marian and Dong got their millions through hardwork. Say for marian, she started from zero and worked everything in scratch. IT is people who to blame and not celebrities. It is up for people on how to respond. Just like reading a book, the response will always depend on the reader. In Dongyan's case, I see it that way. Both influenced me to do good and do my share in helping the less fortunate.

    1. erratum: work everything from scratch.

    2. Sus, parang hindi na kayo nasanay kay Benedict Ignacio. Wala namang nagawa yan para sa mga nasalanta e. Sasabihin lang niya, "The latest storm is proof that Manila is really a dump", then will leave it at that.

      Sa totoo lang, masaya siya dahil nakapagsulat siya ng clickbait para sa GRP at GRPShorts. Hate DongYan? Write an article about it. Watch the pageviews go through the roof. Rinse and repeat. Wait until the next non-issue. It's a pakking cycle, I tell you. And Benedict Ignacio is an evil twat who knows exactly what to write and how to make a profit out of it. Cunning little cunt, this GRP.

  7. Great photographs!! I loved reading this interesting blog post. I have also attended a grand royal wedding at one of the best royal wedding Hollywood venues. Everything in this wedding was so charming. The couple had spent a big amount on their wedding!


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