#Muslims aren't the problem, PEOPLE are!

It should be noted that the muslims are really not the problem here.

Although it is true, that most of these problems being described here are done by people who are associated to the religion, you cannot blame a whole group of people based on just what a few people did in the name of that so called religion.

The real problem here is that, the mainstream media always stresses out "Muslim" and "Terrorists" and use those two words in the same sentence all of the time. IT IS INDEED UNFORTUNATE that there are people who use religion to instigate violence, to justify the violence, but if you look at recorded history, this happened too in the past. (Remember the word "Crusades?")

I'm a Christian (well at least on paper) and I live in a muslim country, and they condemn these kind of acts, and they are a loving and wonderful bunch of people, and all of the educated muslims I know laugh at the thought of what these extreme fanatics believe in.

You cannot blame these people screaming "ALA AKHBAR" while beheading someone, mainstream media made it that way. We have confused indoctrination with literacy. Historically, these guys were living a full life until the Crusades started happening. (They are the fathers of Math, Science and Medicine for Chrissakes!)

But maybe, just maybe If we start looking at things in a different angle, or different perspective, if we take out the word religion altogether, the true headlines would just be "A bunch of assholes who believe in something, killed 50+ men and they are still running around."

Yep… I don't think it was done by muslims. I think it was just a bunch of dicks who wants to kill people.

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