Spectacles like the #DongYanWedding are the drugs that distract the masses from their wretched existence

While 80% of the Philippines is drowning in foulness and people are eating out of garbage cans, some rich, untalented tart roles around in the sack with some synthetic looking, Ducati riding "Ding-Dong". They fornicate for the amusement of the unwashed masses, who obviously love an over the top, flagrantly detestable wedding as much as their dunderheaded Celebrities.

Bad taste has found a new King & Queen, so let us salute this obscene display of cheap thrills, so lacking in good taste as to cause mental weariness. In the Philippines it seems the rich & shameless have no aesthetic standards, only lots of morals, all low!

I can clearly see a future, where social climbers and other stupefied wannabes will sell the exclusive rights to their wedding night to be shown on one of the pudding headed Philippine TV stations. Give the common people superficial means of appeasement, so they may forget the filth and poverty that surrounds them. I'm not surprised at all by this, since watching Philippine TV programs have the same quality as a turd that floats in your toilet.

This whole thing is so bottom-drawer that it must have been dreamed up by Kris Aquino and her scuttlebutt friend who loves to pillage other mans anuses if he's not busy selling washing powder or posing as the local corned beef inspector.

I'm sure President Ass-head was attending the wedding just to shower people with his best wishes before the whole country goes to hell; and I do not mean "that" town in Norway. I mean the place that had been reserved for politicians and alike, but now has accepted additional reservations for 80% of the Philippine brain dead population.

And after the wedding, you god fearing hypocrites, don't forget to thank Jesus; and I don't mean the penniless dude who mows your lawns in Forbes Park (as in: "Hey Jesus, you missed a spot."). I am talking about the guy whose reputation has been run down by his horrible Filipino fan-club. You know…, the one who was allegedly nailed to a plank for "your" sins. Well, thank him for making this spectacle possible through the outdated rituals brought to you by the Catholic Church and the Philippine Government.

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  1. Benign0 I noticed your negativity on the wedding of Marian & Dingdong...why not just let them be...you sound so miserable...there is always that bitter feeling in every line of your blog...

    1. Don't you know that this wedding is politicized? Have you noticed that anywhere Noynoy's go, the place gets stinky.

  2. Benign0 is NOT miserable. He just tell what's the REAL TRUTH... Other readers finds your comment as VERY SHALLOW....

  3. I love everything you write about this eye-rolling-obviously-showing-off-and-if-not-but-scripted-wedding! EVERYTHING! I am one of the few who's with you on this.

  4. Go on Benigno I love everything you write and support your views. The country is run out of critical thinking.

  5. Too much publicity nwawala ung solemn ng wedding.. Bkit anjan si pres. Ung nsa visyas and mindanao hnd nia mpunthan, mrming nmtay at binha nung nsa kslan siya tsk

  6. If only they gave a little portion of their wealth to our hungry kababayans instead of lavishly spending it to just a show-off wedding


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