#PNoy was just being honest in his speech before #PopeFrancisPH

The thing is, did PNoy lie before the Pope? Did he speak with invented facts and innuendos just so he can hug the limelight for himself? Or did he simply talk of the truth? And I'm not talking about the truth that you or I agree or disagree with I'm talking about the truth in PNoy's own perspective. It was his observation and if he think that he needs the Pope to hear it, hey, to whom you can confide the truth better than the Pope?

I'm not defending PNoy for there are people who can do that better than me. And it's not my business to shield anyone from blame or criticism. My business is to present the other side of the equation. My focus is on the criticisms of what PNoy has done in the presence of the Pope.

So what if he talked politics? He's a politician. He did not talk about pure church matters nor even point a finger to the Vatican. He merely talked about his experience and observation (and also frustration maybe) with church people who he praised in past works and also chided for what he perceives as its silence from past abuses. What's wrong with that?

Have you heard/read the political speeches of Pope Francis made both in the past and present? Have you read his scathing criticisms of the Vatican bureaucracy? Of the 'haggard' Europe? About Brazil's church for 'exodus' of the Catholic followers? About Italian mafia? His criticisms on this and that matter or issue, etc.?

You think the Pope was shocked hearing those things from PNoy? I'm not saying stop the hypocrisy.

Just stop it, please. 

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  1. Pnoy was quoting the bible and telling everyone about conquistadores and how his family saved the Philippines from the dictator. No he was not lying!

  2. His 'truth' made him sound like petty and vindictive brat unfortunately. Damage is done. Move on.

  3. satan aquino was honest in saying that the church leaders specifically some of the catholic priest who are behind the NTC org that demands him to step down because of escalated corruptions that he himself is the mind behind and he is butthurt that the catholic priests instead of supporting what he did for the economy ek ek which we knew were all whimsical instead of condemning him for those corruptions. CLAP CLAP CLAP. retard.

    1. I agree. Unfortunately Tagle supports Noynoy who is obviously corrupt, liar, hypocritical, and incompetent.

  4. aquino was butthurt when some of the catholic church leaders who are members of the NTC are asking him to step down coz of the corruptions that are seen happening under his watch and they too are butthurt coz aquino isn't doing anything to stop it but instead he uses his pcos powers to protects them from being jailed.

  5. Wow, PNoy still continue/remain to be Vindictive, and always blame throw (GMA or Marcos). Again, it show our President still has not learn/matured/grown in the first 5 years of his term which up to now has no clear direction & still derailed.
    Why can't PNoy take an open minded approach to the challenges a President face that he need to succumb to the temptation to scapegoat and blame throwing again and again....
    How do people expect our President to be trusted in solving our problems when he normally waste time and effort on dysfunctional finger pointing.
    PNoy's way to gain public support & acceptance will always capitalize on failures or bad mouthing his predecessors and merely Ride on the Legacy of parents that our people feel obligated to give him an equal level of endearment.


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