Cultural revolution needed to free #Philippines from poverty trap

What we need is a cultural revolution, short of an actual bloody revolution since majority will not favor it. The country has so many cultural flaws and it has degenerated more rapidly starting in the 70s (everything still looked ok in the 60s).

The greatest cultural flaw is the utang na loob system since it breeds patronage politics, patronage politics breeds corruption, corruption takes away from the people the programs necessary to uplift them. So our uneducated masses multiplies like rabbits since they are so poor, too busy ekking out a living, and has "no other entertainment" or they simply don't give a damn about consequences. The uneducated masses remains poor since they don't read books or even newspapers and would rather listen to garbage programs or watch from their neighbour's TV. Garbage programs breeds garbage mentality. Shows depicting fantasy, crime, kabobohan, kababawan.. as if our networks have no responsibility at all to the public but only to their stockholders.

We need an iron fist policy from a charismatic leader, something in the mold of Lee Kuan Yew. The educated should go out in the countryside to educate our brothers and sisters. Our poor should also stop thinking that their fate was already pre-planned by God. Remember, every person has in control of his own history..your current situation is a product of your own decision.

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