#Balikbayan happily back in the #Philippines after living in America for 3 decades

I have lived in the US since 1984. I have now lived in my hometown in Leyte since 2013. I am not going back to the US. Although I lived in such cities as Los Angeles and New York and have enjoyed the wonderful opportunities and good life in those cities, I will not be going back there except to visit.

When I first came back, I was so full of the vitriolic sense that "Nasty" had for the failings that he saw in the Philippines and the Filipino people. Gradually, I came back to my pre-US attitude and love for this country: this is home in the way that the US will never be for me. I have never liked Manila ( I studied and lived there for 10 years prior to immigrating), but I managed to make a living there, however imperfect. Mr "Nasty" is very lucky to have made it to America. His attitude of superiority, of wallowing in the good life and pissing on the rest who couldn't, is nothing new to me. I've met many people like him in the US. I suppose I was one too.

Out there, we never stopped congratulating ourselves on getting into the land of milk and honey and efficient government services and pitying and despising those who were stuck in the Philippines. However, whenver I came back for a visit, I saw a need for my services here in my hometown that was not being answered sufficiently; I took it up on myself to address it, obviously to some discomfort at first. Now two years after I've been here, I can say for a fact: I am happier than I ever was in the US, despite having driven in those wide 5-lane highways and the well-stocked Wal-now Marts and the well-appointed homes of my friends.

Let me add that I have travelled the world 3 times over. And I am back in good old, filthy, corrupt Philippines. Why? I cannot answer that for everyone. For myself, I've found the ways to cope with the failings of this country, and focused on the needs and small pleasures of my true home. As to Mr. Nasty, since he invited you to see him and have a good time, ask him to bring you to skid row or South-central L.A.But seeing his contempt for us Philippine ignoramuses who are amazed as well at the American ignoramuses who fawn over the no-talent Kardashians, I doubt if he's even been there.

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