Leni Robredo has become a sad mechanical puppet and an embarrassment to Filipinos

Guess who has taken over Leila de Lima’s place on the anti-Duterte international speaking circuit?

Watch this video that Leni Robredo made for an international NGO event in Vienna tomorrow. Warning: this will REALLY make your blood boil. If you have vertigo, sit down and take a deep breath before watching.

You know what’s really sickening about this video? It’s not even the lies and exaggerations that Robredo is saying about what’s going on in the Philippines and how Pinoys feel about it (as if she’s in any position to speak for the Filipino people, who mostly hate her guts).

It’s the hollowness and emptiness of the way she mechanically reads from a script that obviously someone else wrote. She’s making huge claims about thousands of people being summarily killed by police, but her eyes and voice are absolutely empty of emotion or conviction. She’s just a puppet playing a role, who doesn’t even understand what she’s doing or saying, she’s just mindlessly following her owner’s instructions like a robot.

Speaker Alvarez, the number one drug lord is not the one in jail. There’s a new player. It’s the one in this video, and she’s a robot.

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  1. Eto na naman si RK the Alien... Nanghihimasok na naman!

    Isang pahayag ng kaibigan kong takot sumikat....

    "If I were the VP, I would go around the country, meet people.

    "Get into their perceived needs. Pass it on to the corresponding members of the Cabinet for action.

    "Only two things can happen.

    "1) The problems will be acted upon. The people will credit her for the favorable action taken. As in, "Kung hindi pa kay Leni, walang mangyayari!"; or

    "2) No action will be taken and people will blame the Cabinet Secretary or Head of NGA, "VP na nga ang nakiusap, wala pa rin!"

    "This is definitely a WIN-WIN scenario.

    "But I will have to do one thing first. Replace my core of advisers with intelligent street smart people.

    "Karamihan ng mga naging "Laude", panay libro ang batayan at walang karanasan sa kalsada! ;)

    "Isa lang ang problema --- Hindi ako ang VP.

    "Hehehe ;)"

  2. Well, you know what Evelyn Hall said, "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

    You want to see democracy in action? "Let's see you ACKNOWLEDGE [i.e. declare that the person has a right to say it] a man whose words make your blood boil, who's standing center stage and advocating at the top of his lungs that which you would spend a lifetime opposing at the top of yours."

    If you disagree with me, then you don't want a democracy. What you want is a dictatorship. And if that's the case, I hope your kind dwindles to nothingness.

  3. isama nyo na kay delima to tapos itapon sa mindanao...bwiset!!!

  4. May nagsabi na it is herhuman right to hold her freedom of speech.

    As a person trying to say that she speaks the truth ir she speaks on Behalf of all filipinos is an utter lie. That is crossing the line of freedom of speech and speaking in behalf of majority. I myself denounce her.

    She has no right to speak in behalf of me as a filipino.

    She has no right on behalf of me that says that the current administration is not effective.

    She has no grounds whatsoever she is talking about.

    She has no conviction and no soul in the manner she speaks. So content is no value.

    I disagree with you soul hunter. Your name must be acted upon as it deem fit that you have no soul of your own. You should name yourself as hollow.

  5. no i dont agree the basis why we vote for President Duterte was for his campaign on the war on drugs... not on the war on poverty is not the issues that President Duterte promised. I do not know why VP Leni cant grasp the NUMBER of DU30 total votes. We are PRO War On DRUGs. If you believe in better PHILIPPINES support the war on Drugs. YOU CORRECT what is wrong that needs correcting to make it effective and efficient in this way you support the PEOPLE voice of 21M voters.


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