Leni Robredo campaign overspend grounds for disqualification!

The maximum expenditure a candidate for Vice President is Php 10 per voter. With 55.7 million voters, that wouls be 557 million.

Robredo spent around 406 million for ads alone from February 9 to April 27. It now behooves to ask whether all the other expenses she had after April 27 until May 7, in addition to non-ad expenses prior to April 27, did not exceed 151 million.

ER Ejercito was disqualified for overspending. The incoming President must ensure that election laws are followed.

Antonio Contreras as posted on Facebook:


  1. Valid ground for disqualification!! If ejercito was disqualified then law shouldn't be BIAS

  2. One would really wonder where the money came from...really! I don't believe in a million years that she got that much from lugaw and charity dinner in only a matter of a month! Surely!

  3. For someone who is supposed to be concerned para sa mga nasa "laylayan" paano nya nasikmura ang ganyan kalaking spending.

  4. w0w! ganyan ba ang nasa laylayan? anlaki ng ginastos ha? sabi mo wla kang pera ata saka nagba bus ka lang pauwi pero milyones ang pera mo day ha?

  5. she's a con artist..bravo leni,,,,lugaw queen

  6. So, bakit siya pinalusot? I understand may past kaso din siya about another election violation: accepting campaign funding from abroad. She's supposed to be barred from running for public office. So, what happened?! Everybody should be treated equally under and according to the law. No exceptions: especially the Lugaw Queen Leni ROBredo!

  7. kapalmuks nga eh


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