Election cheating persists in the Philippines because of the prohibitive cost of electoral protest

Electoral sabotage is a crime not only against a losing candidate but against the voters. A cheated candidate also means a cheated electorate.

Thus, I find it hard to fathom why the cost of electoral protest is so prohibitive and has to be shouldered by the protestant. This effectively prohibits those without money to wage a protest.

I also could not understand why it should take a long time.  What good is a protest if it gets resolved only days before the next election.

This is one area for electoral reform that can be a disincentive for cheating. Make the cost affordable, if not free. And make the process speedy.

And jail the cheats and disqualify them from holding future office. And have them refund the state all their salaries and benefits during their undeserved term.

And it would also help if anyone who benefits from fraud is presumed to have knowledge of the act and tolerated it, and has the burden to prove otherwise.

Senator Nancy Binay what do you think Madam. Can we file a bill on this?

Antonio Contreras as posted on Facebook:


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