Missing 4.6 million votes add up to AMAZING electoral fraud coincidence!

Now this is interesting.

According to final canvass, the total number of undervotes were 3.9 million and missing votes were 700k for a total of 4.6 million votes unaccounted for. That is 4.6 million votes!

Now, my DLSU colleague Billy Almarinez made some further calculations and this is what he got:

"[...] assuming that there really was a voter turnout of about 82 percent (as COMELEC has touted in some reports), that would mean that about 45.7M out of 55.7M registered voters (I'm basing this figure on what has been presented in the GMA News election results website) voted on May 9. The sum total of the votes of all of the VP candidates from the final official tally is about 41.1M. The difference between 45.7M and 41.1M is 4.6M. Coincidence?"


Antonio Contreras as posted on Facebook:


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