There is no 'moving on' from Leni Robredo's robbery

There are those who insistently say move on. Move on from what? From fraud? From moral depravity? From shameless machination? There is also the call for unity. Unity for what? For disregarding deceit? For forgetting manipulation? For erasing prevarication? Amidst the scandalous celebration and raucous cavorting of the so-called victors, there is a great deal of people who grit their teeth in anger and lament the suppression of truth and thwarting the will of the people.

Indeed, Robredo's ill-conceived triumph is a pyrrhic victory because her deceit will continue to gnaw at her and family's conscience and will hound and haunt her for the rest of her life.  Even before assuming office, she is already hobbled and hampered by the grave accusation of cheating made possible by a yellow regime that will do everything to prevent an avowed enemy from occupying the vice-presidential seat ---- the same scenario that prevented GMA from governing effectively.

Unless there is a satisfactory explanation on Robredo's victory, this issue will continuously divide the nation and spook her till kingdom come.  The question is, why doesn't Comelec up to now allow a system audit to disabuse our minds of any irregularity and settle the issue once and for all to push the nation forward.  This is no longer a contest between two VP contenders but an issue that transcends personalities and weighs upon a tainted electoral process that needs thorough cleansing.

As a fellow Bicolano, I'm ashamed and aghast by what Robredo as well as her cohorts have done in desecrating the elections and trampling upon our democratic choices, while hiding behind a yellow cover to perpetrate the duplicity and treachery of Aquino!

Manny Balane as posted on Facebook:


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