IT experts hired by COMELEC and Smartmatic to rig 2.6M votes in #Election2016!

They said their group was hired as contractor by the Comelec and Smartmatic to man the NTSC that was not accessible to the public while the Smartmatic hired contractors nationwide to assist when the Vote Counting Machines or VCMs and the consolidated counting servers would face trouble.

"We were told that the Smartmatic contractors in various provinces were swamped with complaints of defective VCMs and CCS and so they all walked out because they cannot handle the job," the IT expert said.

"However, instead of the Comelec releasing the standby units, the poll body issued an order to recall the consolidated counting servers and brought them to us in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. We had no choice but to accept them," the IT expert said.

"The recall order was issued by Comelec lawyer Jose Tolentino," the source said.

The sources said the crime committed by the Comelec and Smartmatic was electoral sabotage and that they did not want to be party to such a serious crime.

Above is an excerpt from the article "IT experts: Servers shipped to Laguna to rig vote" publisher on The Standard. Read the full article here:


  1. mga durugas bilang na araw ninyo.

  2. Nakakatakot yung smile nya parang may masamang balak

  3. the author should be put in jail


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