104 'data scientists' who signed statement 'debunking' COMELEC fraud allegations: FAKE!

My super geek CEO friend who went to school at Stanford University has this to say as he perused the list of the #TheYellow104

"Looking at the list there are less than 24 "data scientists" Most are academics with Economics degrees. The majority of the data scientists are employed by Talas a PLDT subsidiary where the title of data scientist seems to be more of a title than an academic credential"  Nyikes!!  Kaya naman pala eh!

Here at Silicon Valley, Data Science is an emerging field.  So many new programs abound and you can call yourself a "Data Scientist" after a short 10-week program! Unless you have serious statistics, calculus, mathematics background when you take that program, you probably aren't going to be that good.

Maria Victoria V. Ferro as posted on Facebook:


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