The emptiness of Leni Robredo's presumed victory

Mocha Uson may not be a public intellectual but just like any other citizen she has a right to express her opinion.

What is it with you Robredo supporters?  Are you so insecure about the so-called "victory" of your principal that you would deny her right to speak or speculate or express.

Others would have been magnanimous at this time.

Yet you keep on demonizing Bongbong, and demeaning those who are critical of Robredo.

Or maybe because you know deep in your hearts that your victory is actually empty and hollow that you are still so insecure!

[Above posted by Antonio Contreras on Facebook:]

[To Leni Robredo:] Your President is lukewarm to you and appears not to take you seriously.

You are about to take a position that has no line or mandatory staff functions provided by the Constitution.

Your political party, for which you are now the highest elected official and hence are entitled to be titular head is sinking as fast as the Titanic even before you can be proclaimed.

And you win by a miniscule 0.58 percent of the votes in an election whose fairness almost all, except your most loyal followers, and even including some of those who voted for you, doubt.

So tell me. Is your win really a victory?

[Above posted by Antonio Contreras on Facebook:]


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