Ultimately it does not matter who is President of the Philippines

Even if Duterte (or anyone else) has all the right answers… Even if he (or anyone else) is the leader that the Philippines needs to get out of whatever rut 30 years of "freedom" left us in… Even if he is elected by a landslide majority…

… he won't make an impact in Philippine society. I guarantee it.

Why? Because even if he wins, all the losers will do their darndest to sabotage any progress he'll make. They will use all of the influence and power they have (and Manileños have so much influence and power) to limit the influence and power of whoever wins. It's a very Pinoy trait.

Pinoys would rather see the Philippines burn and never thrive rather than see it blossom and grow… because of someone they dislike.

They will make things difficult. They will stonewall all efforts. They will hang back, put their hands behind their heads and say "O. Ikaw pala ang gusto ng bayan. Sige, ikaw ang gumawa d'yan. Bakit kami tutulong e kinontra mo kami?"

You will never see a defeated politician go to the winner and say "Boss, congrats. Pero ito pong plano ko, sigurado akong makikinabang ang lahat ng Pilipino. Kahit kayo na lang ang gumawa. Kahit hindi na ako ang gagawa. Basta magawa siya at matulungan ang bayan natin."

No, they will hold on to whatever help they could give and hold back, hoping that they can win the next election and then use that plan.

Unless Pinoys change from a grass-roots level, you can get the best leader there is and ever was… and it will mean diddly-squat.

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