The Net's most brilliant minds are crunching #Election2016 numbers zeroing in on signs of fraud

I am working in tandem with David Yap, Professor of Statistics of Ateneo de Manila University.  He has conducted some serious number crunching on the unofficial results in the VP Race.  He does the Stat, and I do the political analysis.

These are the initial results of David's analysis.

1.  At the 75 percent mark of transmissions, a glitch happened when for a while no transmission was received.  And then when it resumed, Robredo overtook Marcos.

2.  They say that the entry of returns are randomized.  However, if it is randomized, how come the marginal increases in the numbers are almost uniform every one percent.

3.  An analysis conducted on the gaps or margins between selected candidate pairs (Marcos-Robredo, Marcos-Escudero, Marcos-Cayetano, Robredo-Cayetano, Robredo-Escudero) indicate that the gaps between candidates are almost uniform for all, except for one important thing--it is only in the Marcos-Robredo gap that there was an inversion of the trend, where prior to the 75 percent mark where a glitch happened, Marcos was leading Robredo, and after such then Robredo overtook Marcos.  This 180 degree or sharp turn towards a decline only happened in the case of a Marcos-Robredo pairing, but not in the other pairings.

4.  Bailiwick votes could not be used to explain the sudden downward trend of the lead of Marcos over Robredo, considering he is also strong in Region 8 in the Visayas, and Regions 11 in Mindanao where he received more votes compared to Robredo, and in Region 12 where he was the front-runner.  Also, his lead in CAR, Region 1, 2, 3 and NCR were commanding.

Conclusion -- there is a deliberate attempt to cheat Marcos to favor Robredo.

We will give you updates as we continue to conduct analysis of the numbers.

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  1. I agree with the analysis of Professor David Yap except for item 1


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