Duterte crowd all-natural compared to Roxas HAKOT crowd

Yep. Was there last night. Different folks, different strokes but with one purpose and goal – support the mayor and hope that the Philippines will shine again. It was very tiring indeed but worth it.

Compared to the "hakot" crowd of Roxas which we personally saw being picked up from Tumana Marikina to be brought to QC Circle falling in line riding in jeeps with yelllow shirts and banners of the Roro.

Even our caregiver had to take a day off that day because she said LP Mayor will pay them for attending the meeting the avance and when asked if she will vote for Roro she'll immediately say "hindi maam attend lang kame ng mga kapitbahay ko, sayang bigay eh pero Duterte kame!"

Goodluck LP on cheating, people already know. Hindi na sila bobong katulad nyo.

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