Why the statement signed by '104 data scientists and academics' is a travesty to science

1.  Politics is a social science that often works with imperfect information, where both quantitative and qualitative aspects of a case begs to be observed.  Not one of the YELLOW 104 is a political scientist.  Not one is even a sociologist.  NOT ONE.  Since the matter in question is by nature within the subject of POLITICS, Not a single one of them is QUALIFIED to make quantitative + qualitative analysis relating to FRAUD, and in particular POLITICAL fraud.

2. They said that the inverted V pattern is not unusual and is not evidence of fraud. But the raw data shows that the inverted V only shows up with the pairing of Marcos-Robredo.  Therefore it IS UNUSUAL in the context of the DATA.  Indeed it is a very strange anomaly, that may not PROVE fraud but can definitely point to POSSIBLE fraud,

3.  They are guilty of violating the very principles they have put forth in the document because the document does not contain ANY detailed analysis that supports their claim.  The document resembles a review of literature more than a refutation of a hypothesis based on a rigorous study of data.  We can't even tell from the document if the 104 studied all of the raw data.  And even if they did, if they studied all aspects of it. How can we?  The documents contains no citations, no links to analysis. 

The document itself is as unsubstantiated as its conclusion.  This is a TRAVESTY TO SCIENCE.

This initiative is clearly an attempt by the YELLOW REGIME to create a narrative that they would try to foist down our collective throats with the help of YELLOW MEDIA.  BUT WE ARE NOT FOOLED.  This irresponsible act is an INSULT and a DISGRACE to Science.  What they have done only highlight the forces that have been trained to crush TRUTH from societal consciousness.  It is too late.  We are wise to their schemes. 

Ma. Victoria V. Ferro as posted on Facebook:


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