More evidence of fraud: 3.2 million VP votes MISSING!

Ma.Victoria V. Ferro provided me an analysis made by an associate  of hers who requested to remain anonymous on the election results on a precinct basis, and this is what was revealed.

There were many precincts that had more than 90 percent turn-out.  A turn-out like this indicates voters that are eager to vote and have a high degree of enthusiasm.

An analysis of the undervote percentages of the precincts that had 90 percent turn-out is very revealing.  Ms. Ferro's associate computed the number of precincts for each interval of percentages of undervotes, and this is what was obtained.

5-15%  1386
15-30%  1408
30-50%  283
50-70%  38
70-85%  9
85-95%  3
95-100%  3

Take note that according to Prof. Douglas Jones, the noted election scientist from Iowa, an undervote of 5 percent is already suspicious, and that of 10 percent is highly suspicious. 

Data shows that we have 3,130 precincts whose turn-out was more than 90 percent, indicating high voter enthusiasm, but whose undervote for Vice President is considered suspicious to highly suspicious to even preposterous, with 3 precincts showing 95-100 percent undervotes!

This is simply incredible!

Now, for the over-all picture, regardless of turn-out.  Ms. Ferro 's associate calculated the number of precincts by undervote percentage.  This is what came out.

0-5%  47615
5-15%  30792
15-30%  8671
30-50%  1572
50-70%  149
85-95%  3
95-100% 3.

We have a total of 41,190 precincts with suspicious to highly suspicious to simply preposterous levels of undervotes for the Vice President.

Antonio Contreras as posted on Facebook:


  1. Kau ang makkakarma. Putak kau nanng putak.. wala nman kayong alam kung nandayaa o hindi.. haaay,, kung talagang malinis hangarin nu, accept it. Let us work together for a better philippines.. haaay naku..

  2. bj natividad.

    The filipino will never accept defeat in an unreliable-cheated elections. Remove any doubts of the outcome of this election so we'll be able to move on. Kahit sino ayaw ng nadadaya. Who the hell is Leni anyway? Well, hindi naman ito tungkol kay Leni kundi tungkol ito kay BS Aquino. Kung hindi siya TANGA na openly nagpahayag ng pagtutol sa pagbabalik ng mga Marcos sa palasyo edi sana konti lang ang suspicion. Pero ano sinabi niya? "GAGAWIN KO ANG LAHAT UPANG HADLANGAN ANG PAGBABALIK NG DIKTADURYA SA PALASYO."

    Anong itatawag natin dun? Isa na ang salitang TANGA!

  3. takot para kanyang pag-alis kasi maraming kasong naghihintay sa kanila at kahangalan dahil di siya tapat bilang Presidente ng Pilipinas, mas inuna pa nila ang mga bulsa nila, di pa ba sapat ang mga kinurakot ninyo?!

  4. sino sa mga kaalyado nila ang di kumita at nagpayaman?


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