Update: Anonymous Ph probe into #Election2016 electoral fraud extended across all contested positions!

Another update from our own investigation. You may already be aware of the different explanations given by different people coming across from the IT sector. Dismissing the possible fact of election fraud. Do not be fooled by these people who claimed to be IT experts stating that they have full trust in Smartmatic's claims on a full proof VCM.

A credible informant provided us with raw data of the election results for us to analyze. This doesn't only cover for the speculation in the VP race but also includes all public offices being contested. We will begin to conduct a project to analyze the data provided and publish our findings and the source code used publicly for transparency.

If Marlon Garcia of Smartmatic was able to breach protocol then it would be certain that changes in the VCMs will not only have high implications to the integrity in our elections but the whole credibility of our elections in entrusting a private entity in making a valuable piece of software.

As posted by Anonymous Philippines on Facebook:


  1. well even those "anonPH" can't fully be trusted even if they have enough evidence.


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