This guy nailed the reason why Martial Law crybabies are a dying breed...

Apparently, the numerous Cory and Ninoy monuments, the pre-school books glorifying the Aquino name, the annual People Power anniversary, the Cory musical, and the P500 bill are not enough to remind the Filipinos about Martial Law.

But maybe that's the problem.  The Aquinos made it all about them.

Kris Andres as posted on Facebook:


  1. Partly true. But we have a lot of Martial Law works that don't even depict the Aquinos at all. But yes, the Aquinos made it all about themselves—and that is why we have to educate people that Martial Law is not about the Marcos-Aquino dichotomy at all. It's simply about being stripped off of our democracy.

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  3. And also, the aquinos made the word democracy about themselves too... claims that cory restored it... ugghhh


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