'Change from within' a tired old cliche in reform-averse #Philippines

If we want to change anything, we should start by changing OURSELVES.


That line has been with us, like, forever. Growing up, I firmly believe that that is the key to a frutiful and positive change and development. But, alas, I don't think it even make sense now. Let me say why.

Changing ourselves infers that the process toward change starts from within. We'll do it ourselves. We change on our own volition. That attaining change individually will end up to changing collectively and will result to the desired change for the whole. But obviously we're still far from it because people still wish it. Kumbaga, gasgas na.

The problem with that theory is that it assumes we know the way to change ourselves. That we don't need external assistance as a factor to go about changing. Start changing your self and things will fall into their proper places. No, they're not. Time and again, our political as well as our religious leaders have said that but still change remains elusive.

Could it be there is something in our culture that changing from within, by ourselves, make it impossible?

You see, we are known to be regionalistic and clannish which often leads to division that impedes any positive action, be it change or agreeing on national or local issues or whatever that needs consensus. That alone will tell you that change will be impossible on people who are divided by ethnic, religious, economic, political, etc. groupings.

Changing ourselves with assistance from external factors is a different thing though. Remember the Marcos years (martial law)? Boy, there were a lot of changes in that period. We have proven to ourselves that discipline is possible if collectively and with a strong leader we can attain it. Some may interpret this negatively but change-wise, we did a lot of both internal and external change during that time.

I say, with a proper leader, a sound philosophy or idea and a working system will not only make change possible but also accelerate the process of change while at the same time doing it together. 

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  2. although it might make the change more widespread, you don't even need a leader for this. start with yourself. if others don't want, then they can go fuck themselves without involving me, and let them deal with the disadvantages


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