The Philippine Government is running a rough road with NO SPARE TIRE!

Just make sure there are NO sharp nails scattering on the road for the next 6 years. You will not want to use this spare tire.

One Yellow widow 3 decades ago should have been enough to teach us a lesson on "How not to run a country".

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  1. Bitter. Move on, due. Cong. Leni is now the VP. Read the 1987 Constitution if you want to know the role of the VP. He/she succeeds the P in case of death, disability, or resignation.

  2. "Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results" also applies to trying the Marcos route once again (remember that time when Philippines on the brink of bankruptcy) and expecting different results.

    Stop going girlie and all emo over the loss of your crooked idol. Get that faggotry out of here!


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