Behaviour rather than image counts for most in the long run!

When honesty takes a back seat to image we will have problems. Image and face are temporary but truth is permanent. In the long term, societies that are honest will prosper and those focused on image will implode.

America's recent fall is mainly due to the rise of ego and image. The leaders and oligarchs are an outgrowth of image over truth and ethics not the exception. Being honest and honestly seeking the real truths builds character and a foundation in which to build upon but is often met with scorn. Ever met an truly honest Filipino? I have and they are salt of the earth unfortunately they represent a small percentage of the population.

Let's all try to stop caring so much what others think of us and focus on who we actually are. Behavior is what counts in the long run, not image. If you want hope in your life give it to someone else.

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  1. It is a great article with simple yet critical advice, HONESTY.


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