Is #God on Bong Revilla's side??

Senator Bong Revilla believes: "The Lord is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do to me?" (quote from the Bible verse Psalms 118:6 printed on a shirt he wore while addressing supporters yesterday).

His fans seem to think so too. Tell us what YOU think!

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  1. BONG REVILLA,, Your boast,,! or is that a threat, That GOD is on your side,ha,ha, to you.., is old and rehashed by many who are , really stuck in deep shit,,,Remember, the Rapist, Murderer, Mayor SANCHEZ..! ( friend of ERAP, by the way) HE,(sanchez) even , brought a Statue of the Virgin Mary(Court of justice) and a > flock of Mama mary Devotees, to give credence to his faith and devotion to Virgin MARY..! ALL this FLOP..! ..This just shows, HOW Naive you and Sanchez are,, your both the same...


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