The noise became an issue when #Filipinos became an issue! #Singapore

Filipinos as a group are not compatible with singaporean culture. The noise isn't really that much of an issue, it became an issue only when Filipinos became an issue, Filipinos are not an issue because of the noise.

Personal opinion as a singaporean
Filipinos generally yes do talk, yes noisy, but everyone else is already noisy. but when you take a train and realised in a carriage out of maybe say .. 50 people , only 5-8 look like singaporeans and 15-20 filipinos yakking away , you start to have a problem here.

Filipinos can never seem to answer questions correctly and commit faux pas everysingle time, like what are the four main races in Singapore "Malay, Chinese, Indian, Eurasian/others" some answered "Filipino". Others have the view Singaporeans who are Chinese are the same as mainlanders from China (another faux pas , malaysian/singaporeans who are chinese do not want to be associated with mainland).

National service, Filipinos who have been interviewed stated clearly they are still Filipinos are heart and considered 2 years training in the army "repayment" for economic/educational opportunities
Malaysians/Indonesians even mainland chinese do not say so.

Religion is another matter, while a large number of Singaporeans are Catholics/Christians….etc more aren't and many find it offensive for religion to be involved in the govt or daily life, and it's extremely extremely offensive to see religion used in the same manner Filipinos do in Singapore.

How this arise is larger number of Filipinos are now white collar workers, some moving into positions of authority, even local communities. and suddenly religion is part of the planning, Filipino nationalism is part of it. Filipinos are suddenly a "race" a force to be reckon with. and the struggles with mainland chinese who keep claiming Singaporeans (majority 70% chinese) should look towards China and listen to the great country up north is faced with one more group who have ties to the old country
these people have zero loyalty to s
Singapore, but are jousting for influence.

With Malaysians/Indonesians , the basic social rules were always there unwritten, unspoken. you come in to work, get your money and go home. those that stay and gotten acclimatised became Singaporeans

Filipinos/mainland Chinese/ Indians from India are not here simply working and making a living but forming associations and playing politics. And with a larger population you see threats against Singaporeans. Even at its worst, the racist posts of the blogger only wants to send Filipinos back. Filipinos' responses have ranged from racial dominance one day to shooting Singaporeans in Philippines, which only served to remind Singaporeans of how Filipinos will behave if they stayed.

And the best part of all these is I often see Filipinos blaming the poor and uneducated Filipino OFW for the agitation
when it's actually the Filipino middle class who are doing the stirring.

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  1. Why are you guys so worked up with that? Do you see Americans worry too much even though they are the most hated country in the world. Even God has haters too

  2. aside from the fact that this is a very shallow issue, this is a very poorly written piece with no verified basis whatsoever. it's starting to seem like this site has been trying so hard to get attention by having an opinion and dishing it out with intrigue, however baseless, about trending current events all around.

    lame. really lame.

  3. Oh, don't you worry about that. Even Hitler had a mother who loved him.

  4. This article is poorly written, and I couldn't get or understand on what this article is conveying or want me to believe, but I just want to say that the girl in the picture is an amazing lady. Beauty and Brains :) BTW did you use Google translate for this?

  5. and the point is? lame article...tsk

  6. As a Filipino, I actually somehow understand the feelings of Singaporeans. You feel betrayed by your government because of the work policies that encourage more foreigners to come and work in your place and, more and more, you feel like you are now seemingly becoming a minority in your own land. But you see, showing racial prejudice, is not the correct way to respond. It puts Singaporeans in bad light. Instead, you should ask your government to address these immigration and work issues. You have to admit it though, you need the skills of English-speaking and hardworking Filipinos to man your homes, small businesses and industries as much as Filipinos need jobs. It's a give and take relationship and it's within the interest of both parties to address grievances for the continued growth and progress of Singapore.

  7. poorly written...:))))


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