#Filipinos are always offering girls for sex to male foreigners

As a foreigner, I once mentioned to a tricycle driver that the first time I came to the country a taxi driver pushed me to go to a girly bar in Manila.

The tricycle driver gave me a dirty look, as if it was my fault or something. Hello??? It's YOUR country, not mine. This is what filipinos are selling.

I can't tell you how many times I've been approached in the street by people asking me if I wanted a girl. I can't tell you how many times I've had tricycle drivers try to sell me a prostitute, because they wanted commission. I can't tell you how many times that I've had girls (who I never thought would do this) proposition me.

That's Philippines for you. That's why foreigners get the ideal that most or all filipinas are prostitutes.

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  1. generalization is so annoying!

    1. Tits or you're a total idiot.

  2. This article is correct. I get the same treatment. It's not generalization, it's common fact.

    Once, while standing in the market behind my wife who was busy buying vegetables, a whore walked right up to me and propositioned me!

    I get propositioned FREQUENTLY. So don't dismiss it as "generalizations". It isn't. It's the status quo here.

  3. LMAO most of the fake account commenters comrade of Anti Pinoy go crazu when they get cornered lol all of a sudden an influx of fake western accounts appear lol to make it appear foreigners agree with their stupidity #nandamaypa

  4. I'm a white male foreigner living in the Philippines. This has happened to me, but only in strictly defined areas. I lived in Quezon City for years and it never happened there, as in not once. In Ermita or near the P. Burgos area of Makati, yes. In the rural areas, never. If this happens to you a lot, chances are you're hanging out in the wrong places.

  5. I can't blame foreigners for thinking that way, because it does happen. Let's not be such a hypocrite. I guess, we just need to let them see the good in us instead.


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