Gov't of Noynoy Aquino building strong track record of applying #justice selectively!

Consider this: the Marcos administration allowed Penoy's father, Ninoy Aquino, to travel to the United States to be treated following the two heart attacks he suffered in while incarcerated on trumped-up charges of murder, illegal possession of firearms and subversion.

To date, Gloria Arroyo remains in custody at the Veterans Memorial Medical Center despite the fact that the Aquino government has failed to file a credible case against her. When the Supreme Court dismissed the complaint against Mrs Arroyo for allegedly misusing OWWA funds during her term, the Aquino government detained her anyway on the grounds that they will file a complaint against her in the future. That is a gross violation of Mrs Arroyo's rights that even the former dictator (technically) did not cross and tends toward cruel and inhuman treatment.

Regarding Penoy Aquino's KKK cronies — these friends are presumed innocent in the press long before any investigation takes place. Former LTO chief Virginia Torres was never held to account for her gambling. Ronald Llamas was never charged for the illegal firearms found in his car. They flaunt the fact that they can get away with breaking the law and the president condones it, even abetting them on occasion.

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