Fad 'protest coalitions' like 6.12.14 should sober up and encourage clearer thinking #ScrapPork #PorkBarrel #JailAll

Napoles, Luy, tanda sexy and pogi, Gigi, etc. are not the only ones who we should be shouting at to "burn at the stake". Instead trace how the funds changed hands, and all those involved should be held accountable. I just hate people who are quick to condemn these few people when it is really evident that there is a bigger machination involved.

Filipinos now love to harp on about how evil these people are and with the appearance of the said list, they add names to their whims. They love to highlight whistle blowers as if they are the magic pill to convict the guilty which just stupid. We should realize that whistle blowers are still part of the crime committed and that their testimony may or may not be the complete truth, and as such cannot be 100% relied upon.

Common sense dictates, we should trace how the money changed hands, with or without the whistle blowers and their sanitized "lists" and "testimonies". The senate is hardly in a position to conduct these hearings which should be given as they are already part and parcel of the crime. The longer we wait for the real investigations to be done the colder the money trail becomes and the filipino people end up as the real losers.

People should stop riding on fads such as this coalition. It does not help one bit. It only serves to muddle what is already a murky water of deceit designed to fool each and every honest Filipino taxpayer.

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