#PNoy as a former member of Congress untouched by #corruption? Think again. #porkbarrel #ASEAN

I know there are people still out there who believe that Noynoy Aquino existed in Congress and in the Senate for a dozen years and was miraculously untouched by corruption. Forgive me for repeating the only three scenarios that could have existed for a pre presidential Benigno Simeon Aquino:

1.He was corrupt like every other senator and congressman. The Alfred E. Neuman Approach. What Me Worry?

2. He was not corrupt, saw the corruption in others and felt it was not his job to stop it. The Doris Day Approach. Whatever will be will be.

3. He did not see any corruption because he was too detached and disinterested from any kind of real work to be aware what his colleagues were doing. The Sgt. Schultz approach. "I see nothing!"

Those three scenarios suggest that Noynoy was either careless, indifferent, cowardly or corrupt himself. The trappings of a trapo so to speak. Assuming no other scenarios exist why is that guy holding the highest elected office?

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  1. I agree with your comment. Personally I think he was corrupt and detached. He passed no bills remember? Which just proves that he was NOT doing his job.

    In any case though, would have loved this article better if it had any support or a lengthier discussion per item.


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