Overseas #Filipinos should just #STFU and toil and achieve QUIETLY like the #Chinese once did

No matter how you embellish it, DH is a menial work looked down upon by people anywhere. Admit you are a servant when you work as DH. If you don't want to be stereotyped as DH, then don't work abroad as DH. It's just as easy as that theoretically. But in reality, ask the Labor Department or B.S Aquino if Filipinos can do without that job abroad, if affirmative, send all DHs from all over the world back to PH, if not, please endure and learn to rise above discrimination.

Learn from the Chinese during the time when they worked as coolies, despite being called Intsik Beho, Chinks, Baboy, quietly they toiled! Their government was weak so they were helpless. Even after they became businessmen, up to these days, they have to put up with discrimination in the form of harassment, extortion etc. from the government.

So Filipinos nowadays are just undergoing what the Chinese coolies were experiencing during the time when they were "Sick Men of Asia"! All told, the real cause is a corrupt, incompetent and weak government! If you insist to have a cure, then to change the government is the cure. Can you do that, my fellow Filipinos? If not, what can't be cured should be endured. Making noise is not a solution!

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  1. You just perfectly worded my thoughts! Exactly, if they are DH and they see that commercial as racist then its their problem! They should quit being DH then.

  2. Right on the money!!!!

  3. Putin's grandfather was Lenin's then Stalin's cook. Brunei's forbears were swordfighting pirates pitting themselves against ship cannons, LKY's grandfather was a cabin boy to British ship officers. Soong Meiling's father too was a cabin boy on US ships.

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