Reality check on #Pinoy Pride: People who work on visas in foreign countries do so at the pleasure of the host country

Singapore has world-class factories, infrastructure and educational systems. The practically the whole country of Singapore is ISO certified and I doubt you even know what that means. Singapore has faster internet speeds than I currently have here in California! In the Philippines I was slugging along with 3 m bit burst rates and suffering from brownouts for most of the day.A web designer I hired a few years ago came into the company with a resume touting MS FrontPage as the main HTML editor used while attending college level classes. MS FP had been obsoleted five years earlier. The list goes on and on…

Anyway, as an American having lived in both cultures for many years, I can truthfully say Singaporeans are far better educated and capable of building a world-class city. Singaporeans do not have to farm themselves out to work in other countries as they are also world-class business people who work together to build a better nation.

I cannot say the same for the Philippines. Your people set fire to factories that didn't tow the corruption line and pay out bribes. I know this from first hand experience.

Bottom line is people who work on visas in foreign countries do so at the pleasure of the host country. I knew this each and every time I lived in a foreign country and learned to accept that which I could not change

I would take a more respectful approach before you burn bridges you won't be able to repair. Don't let your unrealistic nationalistic pride get you into a situation you can't back out of. Philippines has a long way to go despite all the current positive press. If not for all the aide your country is receiving you would already be speaking Chinese as your native language!

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  1. I don't usually comment. But kindly check again filipino IT professionals. I am a System Analyst in Singapore and we are in demand here.
    And you complain about the person you "hired" with MS FP skills. It is your problem. Maybe that's all you can afford.
    Btw, ppl who has working visas means they are qualified and have skillsets the host country needed.
    Please stop this kind of articles.

    1. And you better pray that you will not be one of the foreign workers in Singapore who will be given a pink slip since the country is now focusing on hiring more locals.

    2. if you only knew what my credentials are.

  2. American meddling with the state of the Philippines? LOL or feeling american living in New York Cubao lmao shut up wetback If they cant stand the heat then dont hire Pinoys. We are in demand everywhere nothing to lose

    1. That is what you truth hiring people like you is a double edged sword. In fact, if I remember correctly, the employment of oversea workers is going to cease. Look at Saudi Arabia, Singapore...eventually you will have the US and Europe do the same. I would rather hire locals than foreigners simply because there is alot of negative implications that follow from that.


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