#Tagalog not the most effective in conveying key ideas in science and tech

It still can be taken as an elective, but considering the need to improve skills that would benefit the country the most (or kids, later in their professional lives), I think we need to put more emphasis on fields such as science and technology in which Pilipino or Tagalog are not the most effective in conveying their key ideas.

There are languages that put one at an advantage over the rest when it comes to learning certain fields or bodies of knowledge—Learning in these areas become easier, when proficiency in their specialized terminology, etymological origins, etc. are also learned (e.g. Latin in medicine and life sciences as well as law and philosophy, Italian in reading music, English in international trade and commerce, etc.)

"Pilipino" is sadly getting to be some kind of lingua franca among domestic helpers around the world. Maybe if you really want to pursue that as your career choice, then go ahead and master Pilipino.

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