Where is former COMELEC Chairman Andy Bautista??

You'd think that someone who headed an agency that is now under investigation would find a bit of decency within his person to assist in efforts to uncover the truth. Instead, COMELEC Chairman Andy Bautista chooses to remain in hiding. Like the coward that he is.

Now that the recount of the 2016 election results is underway, it is evident that the COMELEC had mismanaged this and possibly previous elections as more and more instances of anomalies emerge. Even now, ballot boxes that supposedly have not been tampered with were found to contain wet ballot sheets. How does that happen?

Everyone should be concerned as these anomalies suggest that disturbing things are happening beyond the reach of public scrutiny. But instead of being concerned, the Philippine Opposition are dismissing every citation. This is because for these Opposition "activists" the only real good outcome of investigations like these is that the rear end of their presumptive "vice president" Leni Robredo remains firmly planted in the seat of her office.

That's not being pro-democracy. That's just being destructively partisan. The bigger issue here is the integrity of the COMELEC and what role its missing-in-action former chairman played in contributing to the banal dishonesty that now engulfs this agency.


  1. Chairman Bautista is a good Comelec Chairman, I hope the new Comelec Chairman Sherrif Abbas will be better...


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