Statements of support for VP Leni Robredo fielded by Ph Opposition "activists" lack logic

This tweet by Francis Baraan IV is representative of the type of dysfunctional thinking that Philippine Opposition"activists" apply to their causes. Never mind that the dispute and the recount is proceeding along via due process, to Yellowtards like Baraan, the issue is about some kind of nebulous notion of righteousnes the underlying logic of which resides only within habitually and hopelessly convoluted lazy thinking.

There seems to be no discernible logical construct in the above statement.

Rather than support a systematic investigation of an issue using a transparent process to establish fact where uncertainty ruled for almost two years, the Opposition led by the Liberal Party are, instead, seeking to block the effort, discredit it, and invoke the support of the Roman Catholic Church to provide authority (but not reason) to that position.

You wonder which camp is really on the side of truth. Is it those who defer to a process that is open to scrutiny? Or is it those who only aspire to speak loudly and appeal to irrational emotion and Medieval authority?


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