Roman Catholic Church tells Filipinos that God is on Leni Robredo's side

Trust the Roman Catholic Church to get involved in all the wrong ways. What exactly does "praying over" the lawyers of "vice president" Leni Robredo in the lead up to the vote recount today to determine who really won the vice presidency back in 2016? It shows that the Church is endorsing one side of the dispute and is not really interested nor curious to learn the truth.

In the modern world, the truth can only be revealed after a systematic effort through a process that applies a consistent set of rules that all parties involved adhere to.

The Church would like Filipinos to believe that there are powers that are above the rules prescribed by the State and that these powers are on the side of Leni Robredo.

This is the sort of thinking that is ingrained in Philippine society thanks to the examples exhibited by the Church in the manner with which it participates in democratic processes.


  1. They can now communicate with God directly!? How about let's just ask God who really won the election?

  2. Reminds me of the tactics of the Egyptian Empire and Roman Empire so long ago.

  3. Religion is a million pesos business. The more you give, the more blessings you will receive from those retarded priests.

  4. From Padre Damaso in the time of Jose Rizal and up to now, these prayles never change. Corruption to the bone.

  5. Naku nag dadalawang isip na nga ako sa relihiyong ito.pinalala nyo pa..sana nga di dumating ang time na ma prove ko gawa gawa lang lahat ang tinuro nyo sa tao.

  6. Oh please, don't equate a bunch of religious leaders as The Roman Catholic Church! That's just plain ignorance. The Roman Catholic church are not just religious people but also lay community who by the way are the majority.

  7. Rubbish madpnoy kulangkulang99 yellowtard supporter of late cardinal Jaime kasalanan who fooled and dumbdown Apo lakay Marcos masagana99 Great nation conversion of a quarter of a million Pilipino peasants into landowner farmers.

  8. what are those bastards are praying for? a cheaters and the devils.

  9. Becoz they're loosing their grip on the government. They cannot dictate DU30. What a desperate move. Even using the name of God for their own evil whims.


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