Leni Robredo's supporters exploit perceptions about the "Marcos" name to distract from the FACTS of the case

Why are the supporters of "vice president" Leni Robredo so against the recount initiated by former Senator Bongbong Marcos? The objective here is to establish the facts surrounding what really happened in the 2016 elections. Even now, there are even more things coming up that are begging to be investigated. As long as some things remain unexplained, there is cause to investigate further.

Robredo's supporters focus on highlighting the stigma surrounding the Marcos name. This draws upon Cold War era narratives that no longer apply today. Whatever surname Marcos carries had no bearing on the circumstances surrounding the allegations of electoral fraud marring the 2016 elections.

The case lodged before the Supreme Court Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) is about what happened in May of 2016. What happened before it is out of scope. Robredo's supporters and the bigger community of Yellowtards and Martial Law Crybabies can shriek all they want about topics outside of the scope of this investigation. But the facts of the case (much of which is yet to be revealed) will not be changed by the loudness of these shrieks nor the number of Catholic masses celebrated as symbols of support for Robredo.


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